Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It has been a long time since I contributed a post to this blog. So here I am!



Life has been quite hectic and I don't wanna bore you with scheduling mess.

But Canberra is getting popular. Heh. Yan Min and Kavi (our SA friend) are coming to visit on the 25th sept! weeeee!

And Sern and Lynn are coming to visit Canberra at the end of the year. yayyy. :P

About my knee, well I am undergoing physiotherapy atm. 4 months and yay, I can dance and move about pretty awesome. :P Just haven't tested it out fully yet by running. But fingers crossed I will be 100% recovered soon enough :)


And cuz I am currently on a facebook famine for a week (no kidding), my brilliant initiative after undergoing the 40 hour food famine. (famine addict much?) So, back to wishing Sharon. My famine will only end in 2 hours as we speak, so I cannot wish you on facebook in time!

Lol. Nowadays facebook is the new official standard for everything. Wishes are legit when made through facebook somehow. :S

Hence my famine. For three objectives. Mainly, to raise $350 for World Vision. Woot. I have almost $320 plus as we speak and more friends will be taking their hats off (and emptying their pockets :P) knowing that I have SURVIVED the famine (to some it is even more OMG than food famine. tsk tsk.)

Secondly, to get me off the blue and white screen. Literally my index finger looks out for F keypad the first thing I am logged on the internet. It's badddd.

And thirdly, for my own amusement. I mean, I agree it was so utterly lame to go on a facebook famine, but you know anything goes these days right. Haha. And to me being 21 is just that. Doing something totally outrageous (or not) which has little to no consequences to myself or other people. Only good things arrive from my famine so yayy! :)

Anywhoooooo. That's all from me I suppose. Ean! Be pressured to get facebook so I can get updates from you more often! Sumin and Wei Wen come to Canberra! :D

Love, Winnie.

Is it really?

Yes it is. This blog is celebrating the end of a very very very *deep breath* very very VERY low-key 2nd year of existence and the beginning of what is hopefully to be a more EXCITING and ACTION-PACKED third year. WOOHOO!

Oh, and as usual, today so happens to also be the day Sharon was born. Yea, so happy birthday to you if you ever read this, Sharon.


Friday, September 4, 2009

It's starting soon... I thought I'd start practicing again.


It didn't turn out like how I'd expected.
Go ahead, take a guess.
Guess who she is.

Ok. Thank you.
God bless.


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