Monday, December 29, 2008

O Sweet Candy of Unknown Familiarity

Among the commonly seen symbols of the Christmas season is the candy cane. It is not only used as a sweet treat for the festive season, but they are also used as decorations.

How did this candy get its familiar shape? And when did it become part of Christmas tradition? The predecesor of our modern candy cane appeared at about this time in the17th century.

The candy cane was originally a straight, hard, and all-white candy stick invented by French priests in the early 1400s. The cane shape is traditionally credited to a choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral in Germany, who, legend has it, in 1670 bent straight candy sticks into canes to represent a shepherd's staff, and gave them to children at church services.

Candy with red stripes first appeared in the early 1900s. Christmas postcards before 1900s show only white coloured candy canes. They are represented this way on Christmas cards made before 1900, and it is not until the early 20th century that they appear with their familiar red stripes.


Another legend states that the Candy Cane was first introduced in the 1880 by a candy maker in Indiana. He wanted to make a candy that could be a witness to everyone during the holiday season. The candy maker began with a stick of pure white to represent the virgin birth and the sinless nature of Jesus Christ.

The hardness of the candy was meant to represent Jesus as the Solid Rock and the foundation of the church, as well as the firm promises of God. The white stripes on the Candy Cane represent the purity of Christ, while the small thin red stripes symbolize the scourging of Jesus before he was hung on the cross. The large thick red stripes show the blood Jesus shed for each of us on the cross, the ultimate and final sacrifice.

The flavor of peppermint is similar to another member of the mint family, hyssop. In the Old Testament in the Bible, hyssop was used for purification and sacrifice, and this is said to symbolize the purity of Jesus and the sacrifice he made.

He then fashioned the candy cane into the shape of a shepherd's staff because Jesus is the shepherd of all. Whether it was intended or not, if you flip the Candy Cane around, it will become the letter "J" which of course is first letter of Jesus' name.


As there are various legends behind the origin of the candy cane, one version might be credited while others are not. But the meaning behind the symbolic candy cane holds true as a reminder to those who know, the very reason why Christmas is really celebrated - Jesus Christ, came down from heaven to be born of a virgin; the Son of Man grew up faultless, and like a lamb to its shearer was silent, died on the cross for our sins, so that we may be saved.

The true Christmas story of whence Jesus was born, the first Noel, the first Christmas.

Blessed Christmas my friends, and remember the baby born of that one blessed night. O holy night...


God Bless.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We are TOA students

'Ean the Hobo' sings on Halloween

TOA students have no life
TOA students have no fun

Where are the rebelious?
Where are the rule breakers?

Where are the times when assignments have no takers?

Where's the fun?
Where's the adrenaline?
Where's the happy and extreme joy makin'?

You have no life, I have no life

Why? 'Cause we're TOA students

God Bless.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey everyone! It has been so long since I've contributed to this blog. >.<

But good news is Wei Wen and I are arriving KL on the 21st November. Sweet! So let's all make plans to meet up okay? =)

Please advise your free dates!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

\/\/l-l4t - 4l\/l - 1 - t4Ll<1l\lG - 4B0ut ?!?

I see other people punya blog very sangat emo, so I feel like emoing.

"I'm emo, you're emo. Let's emo together."

daeds :
"#$%^&**&^%$#$%^ EMO KIDS!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU MORE THAN YOU HATE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!"

"Oh come on! Emo are so in these days."

"OOH YEA!!! UR TElLIn' US!!!! WOOT!!! Opps.... I mean.... gloom gloom gloemommmm...."

Ex: One day somewhere 2 guys sit down saw hot chick passing by then both emo to get attention because thinking it makes them sensitive thus attracting girl but girl walk pass them then they emo someore emoe mome eomemoe emeo eEMo emeo emo... the end.

Meh... bah emo... let's be happy happy joy joy!


So Ean had being telling story of me Ean last happens before after.

So thare's tis thang caled colege ya see? N ths collge dn't gve hmewrk, bt tey be givin' many mny assigments k? Then, I-d to finsh the thang calld assignmnts vry fun Fun lke so much fun, it being lik so much fun ya know? Aprt frm tat, colge not mch happen, I wnt mch happen, must doing thngs happen.

Hari Raya food awesomeness in the humble Sofia's residence jolly good fun. Did I say the food was awesome?
Singin' : "Guitar guitar oh oh woohohoh strumming guitar."
"Guitar citar eatar meatar littar waHaha."
5 stars 10/10 down the melodic strumming. Oh YEAH!!!


Another long ago day...
Jon : "... Eh? What the?!?!!!!?"
Jon continues : "OMGOodNESs!!! JAreD cOMe sIT oveR heRe aND See ThiS!!!"

Jon : "Do you seE it?!?"
Jared : "Oh yeah! OH man Nick you gotta see this!!!"
Nick : "'s just your shadow...zzzZzZZzZzzZZZZZ..."


Not too long before that...


Come on come on everyone let's start Start START the ParTY!!!


Few weeks before today, car broke down in LCCT. Yesterday, I sat down did nothin' in the mids of a very VERY exciting but traumatizing -tahnk GOD noone got hurt- snatch tehft case. WAHAHAH!!!!!!!

4p4rt Fr0M tH4t, n0Th1NG muCH h4pp3N3D!!! G0T n3w EYCH DEEE TAY-VAY!!! 3NJOYiN' mAH PEEYESS3!!! WOW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Katrina Anne Van Tassel: Will you take nothing from Sleepy Hollow that was worth the coming here?
Ichabod Crane: No. No, not nothing.
Ichabod Crane: A kiss, from a lovely young woman, before she saw my face or knew my name.
Katrina Anne Van Tassel: Yes, without sense or reason.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


You probably heard about it from your friends or have read about it in the newspaper, but what does it really feel like to enter the atmosphere of the official launching of the PS3 in Malaysia?

Over here you will finally know what is the 411 on the event. It is one experience not to be forgotten.


It all started when Wei Wen told me online :
"Yo yo yo beat boy Ean home dog G! Ya better dig da upcoming PS3 Malaysian launch, ya know what am I sayin'? Before ya blap blap pow that machiga chance yo dog.

Then I replied :
"That's 2 weeks from now, I don't have enough money to get a PS3. I know, I shall start a charity drive, and call it the 'Make a boy's dream come true' PS3 fund."

So it started. Two full weeks of pride-swallowing funds collection, amounting to about a little above RM400. With enough money, the only thing left is the strategy.

To make all this worth while, I must be the one of the first 3 buyers. In case you didn't know, the top 3 buyers will get RM1000 Sony Voucher each, it's that incentive that makes me wanna buy it. The official launching is on a Saturday (20Sept), PLAN A was to start camping on FRIDAY (19Sept) 5pm. But thank God Plan As are meant to fail. Why? I'll tell you next.

Daryl, Gary and LiHer invited me out for dinner on Thursday (18Sept), didn't wanna go but accepted the invite at the end. THANK GOD I ACCEPTED!!!!!!! You see, after dinner, we decided to check out the area in 1U where they will hold the launch. We made friends with some of the organizers there, and I told them about my PLAN A.

They said : "Won't work wan... sure cannot... people sure will camp earlier wan...." Scared the shit out of me. Then comes PLAN B (made up in 10 minutes of discussion).

Mastermind Daryl came up with most of the planning, Gary, LiHer and I brought the supplies, and PLAN B worked out perfectly, and it goes something like this...

Arrive at Heng's place by 0630 hours (Friday, 19 Sept).

Head over to 1U and reach there by 0700 hours.
But upon arrival...
Introducing to the left (2nd buyer) James, and to the right (1st buyer, couples) Joey and his GF.

Officially we are the third, 3rd buyer for the 3rd Sony console PS3. How perfect is that?
The organizers were still rushing to prepare the event area.

Now, it's only a test of patience...
... patience...

4th buyer arrived about an hour later. He was probably telling his friend : "Got 7 ppl in line already, no chance in top 3."

I had to go to college by 1030 hours, Daryl, Gary and LiHer stand in place for me while I was away. But not too long after I returned...
I'd gladly tell you buyers no. 5 to no. 21, but I'm too lazy to pin point them out. But that many were there in the afternoon. It makes me wonder - How would I act if I went with PLAN A?

To add some excitement in our camping trip, we actually set up a tent. AWESOME HUH?!? A tent in 1U shopping complex.
Late in the evening, buyer no. 8 decided to set up camp as well.

We were quite relaxed in the front, walking in and out as if we owned the area. We get to check out the exhibits around the area. Among the other events of the official launch are the game girl competition (some of the girls are decently hot, but mostly not appealing. TOO BAADDD, no pics of them), and the 24-hours gaming marathon.
They started the 24-hour marathon about the same time we started camping.

But eventually when the line grew longer. The buyers at the back were quite pissed, thinking that we actually cut queue. And as the line grew longer, there weren't enough space, so the organizers brought us to another area to make space.

By this time, it was pass midnight. It is at this time that the test of patience became really difficult. Before we moved to this area, we played poker cards, and the board game Risk, which did helped us kill some time, but eventually it died down.
DREADFUL I TELL YA!!! My patience was wearing thin, I wanted to just quit and go home. I couldn't sleep, no appetite to eat, body aches because of sitting and sleeping on hard ground for a long period of time, headaches, boredom, and above all that it was really stuffy at the new area we were placed. There's no air flow at all, we were sweating all over.

Good thing the organizers did plan a free meal for us.

I am grateful to Daryl, Gary, LiHer, and also Jane (who joined us some time midway) during that period of time. Otherwise, I wouldn't know how could withstand it. I mean, I probably can manage on my own without any backup, but the company helped lift the burden 10 fold. PHEW!!!!

Then came the sunlight, it was dusk.
The line grew...

We kept out thing, and packed our bags as the official ceremony was going to start in hours, which also means we get to BUY THE PS3 FINALLY!!!

But the sad part is, while the ceremony was on, we at the front lines, couldn't enjoy the official ceremony, BECAUSE WE WERE BLOODY STUCK BEHIND THE SALES AREA!!!!!!!!! WE CAN'T SEE S***!!!!!!!!!!! And we couldn't leave the area because the organizers said so T_T....
During the ceremony, there were some cosplayers promoting the event. NOW, those girls were hot, STEAMING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST 5 INCHES FROM THEM AND I COULD MELT!!!!! Ahh... Way better than those in the game girl competition (too bad never take pictures with them).

As you can see, we were sick of the speeches and that sort of crap, we just wanna get our stuff and hit our sacks and drop dead for the next 24 hours. If I just had enough energy to go hit on them cosplayers......

It is time....
Buyers number 1, Joey and GF (sorry, forgot the GF's name....)

Buyer number 2, James Chong

Buyer number 3, WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGoodNESS!?!?!?!?!?! IT'S ACTUALLY QUITE HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!
Almost dropped it. Was quite tired and fatigue, but gainned enough strenght to lift it up.

After all was said and done, it was a worthwhile experience, not only because I got the high end cutting edge home entertainment system, but mostly because of the whole ordeal, new friends made, the camping trip, it was all too fun.
Hope too see you people some day, maybe we shall camp again when Sony PS4 arrives in Malaysia in the future.

God bless.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I understand that this is a little late, but it's definitely better than never.

I want to extend my gratitude to the many that contributed to making a boy's dream come true:

  • Wei Wen - who started things off by informing me about the PS3 event.
  • Daryl - PS3 camping trip buddy.
  • Gary - another PS3 camping trip buddy.
  • Li Her - yet another PS3 camping trip buddy.
  • Jane - still yet another PS3 camping trip buddy.
  • Ben Cheong - RM10 donor
  • Nicholas Quek - RM10 donor
  • Jia Yung - RM10 donor
  • Esa - RM10 donor
  • Keith - RM10 donor
  • Sofia - RM10 donor
  • Estrella - RM10 donor
  • Lydia - it's the heart that counts
  • Khai Whum - RM10 donor
  • Ruz - it's the heart that counts
  • Jared - RM10 donor
  • Chronicle - RM10 donor
  • Christine - RM10 donor
  • Jon - RM10 donor
  • Priscilla Yuen - RM10 donor
  • Stanley - RM10 donor
  • Afeno - RM10 donor
  • Matt 'Kopi' Chong - RM20 donor
  • Caine - RM100 donor
  • Julia -RM50 donor
  • Andrew Chua - RM10 donor
  • Suzzane - RM10 donor
  • Daniel Foo - RM10 donor
  • Lordson - it's the heart that counts
  • Ben Ong - RM10 donor
  • Priscilla Lim - it's the heart that counts
  • Anna Chieng - it's the heart that counts
  • Tze Liang - it's the heart that counts
  • Ming Lyn - it's the heart that counts
  • Jeremy Lim - RM10 donor
  • Jean - RM10 donor
  • '(Insert name here if I didn't mentioned your name)' - '(Insert whtever)'

Also to all b-day surprises/pranks/wishes/etc/etc, thank you very much.

I will report on the PS3 camping trip as soon as get them pictures from Daryl.

Ok, TQ.
God bless.

From 'Mama Mia!'
Harry Bright: Bugger.
Sam Carmichael: My sentiments exactly.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Poster made by

Dateline of donation : 18th September 2008 (Midnight)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 year has passed

It was the same date exactly 1 year ago when the first post was made in this blog. Very easy to remember...

"Why is it very easy to remember?"

Why you ask? Because it's Sharon's birthday today, and the first post was coincidentally Sharon's birthday too.


I'll just use the same picture

"Sharon it's your birthday, and you're still alive today!!!

You made again the trip around the sun, and I'm proud of you this day!!!"

"Sharon it's your BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday SHARON!!!" x2

"I wish you love and goodwill, I wish you peace and joy,

I wish you more than what your heart desires, did you get your first kiss from a boy?"

"Sharon it's your BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday SHARON!!!" x2

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Gonna go make a difference..."

Here are my latest set of portraits, critiques and comments are always welcomed. I'll most likely draw ppl/characters I know in the future, drawing random strangers it's boring after awhile. So, if any of you would like to be part of my assignments, pls do let me know.
*pictures are manipulated to enhance the visuals.

Well, my semester break just started... "gonna go make a difference"... may my holiday be a fruitful one.

Ok. TQ.
God bless.

The Joker : [holding a knife inside Gamble's mouth] Wanna know how I got these scars? My father was....a drinker. And a fiend. And one night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself. He doesn't like that. Not. One. Bit. So, me watching, he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. Turns to me and he says "Why so serious?" Comes at me with the knife,"Why so serious?" He sticks the blade in my mouth. "Lets put a smile on that face!" And..... Why so serious?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Future Cooks in the party

This post is just so us wuliaonan & nuihai's can keep in touch with whats going on in our lives, and this post is especially written as a form of congratulations to our PBSM juniors, namely Jia Hui..err whts her post already and our newly Ex HSL Shin Yin. Well since many of us are overseas and have no access to The Star and those of us at home in Malaysia rarely reads the Star, well at least no further than the comic section....I'm betting. read the next article and be amazed. Btw next pool party at the end of the year, Shin Yin and Jia Hui are going to be the cooks. Ean can sit back n relax.....he's getting in on age:D

Sunday July 13, 2008

Cooking up a storm


DESPITE the popularity of cook shows helmed by celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson, one does not expect to find teenagers thinking of how best to cook and present fish on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

However, that is precisely what 12 upper secondary students found themselves doing recently during the finals of the first Taylor’s College Culinary Challenge.

Organised by the college’s School of Hospitality and Tourism, the one-day competition held in Selangor saw 29 teams of two from nine schools around the Klang Valley participate in the preliminary round of the Iron Chef-inspired challenge.

Michieletto (left) and fellow judge Chef Rex Lee tasting Angel 1’s dish.
The teams were given the task of creating and preparing a main course for four people within 90 minutes.

The catch was that the main course had to use a main secret ingredient that would only be revealed at the start of the cooking session.

For the preliminary round, the secret ingredient was chicken. With 58 students racing against time to prepare a great-tasting and beautifully-presented chicken dish, the situation in the culinary suites of the school was slightly chaotic, but controlled.

Said judge and Taylor’s College School of Hospitality and Tourism (TCHT) lecturer Chef Chong Wei Tzeh: “You could see that they didn’t have the basic training in cooking; it looked a bit messy during the first round.

“The final round was much better in terms of taste and presentation. You could see an obvious change — their work was much more refined and they put more thought into their presentation, especially in terms of the colour combinations and contrast.”

From 29 teams, six were chosen to advance to the finals held in the afternoon.
Upon learning that their secret ingredient was fish, each team had a quick discussion before gathering their required raw ingredients from a common counter.
Capsicum was a common favourite, with all teams using the red and green peppers in their preparation.

Some teams chose to fry their fish, while others baked them. Cream-based sauces were used on some dishes while tomato-based sauces enhanced the other concoctions. Meanwhile, the side dishes varied from fried brinjal to potatoes, mashed or roasted, and pasta.

Said chief judge, Chef Association of Malaysia vice-president and TCHT external examiner, Chef Federico Michieletto: “Some of the dishes are quite good, while others need to be enhanced with better application.
“I would say, four out of the six dishes are very good, if you prepare them for a regular everyday meal.”
He commended the participants on their healthy preparation — the dishes were not too oily — as well as their sauces, which were creamy but light.

“There was a very nice feel to the winners dish; everything from their fish to the vegetables was good. Their dish did not look as good as some of the others, but it had a very good taste.”
Michieletto also advised the participants to taste their food, always, as some of their dishes were not salty enough!

First place went to best friends Tiong Jia Hui and Wu Shin Yin of SMK Damansara Utama’s Angel 1.
They won RM500, medals, certificates and an eight-week International Certification in Patisserie course for themselves, as well as RM1,000 and the Challenge trophy for their school.
Shin Yin, who hopes to study culinary arts, shared that they already had a list of sauces and side dishes in mind, and it was only a matter of choosing which went best with the secret ingredient.
Said Jia Hui: “I think we coordinated very well — Shin Yi cooks well, so she did the main dish, and I’m better at decorating, so I did the presentation.”

The duo had previously won second place in a similar competition organised by KDU College earlier in the year.

White Merlot, comprising Tan Der Ching and Wong Choon Lim from SMJK Katholik, Petaling Jaya, came in second, while third place went to SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, Petaling Jaya’s Boey Phooi Yee and Shelomith Tee Ren Ai.

Well, shld just leave out the last paragraph, i mean whats the point of knowing the second and third places....Its only the first that matters afterall Lol....;P. Well juniors congrats again....remember ur cooking for me at the end of the year :P

Aik Sern ^^

We were given...

...the Certificate of Greatness...
...the knowledge to The Secret...

My semester will end in about two weeks, how will I be spending my spare time? I shall go forth and perform acts of greatness and launch master plans of awesomeness.

Hello everyone, if you didn't already know me, my name is EanJ..

Ok. Thank you.
God bless

"But the reason why I'm broken, the reason why I cry...
... is how long must I wait to be with you again..."

Sunday, June 15, 2008


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