Sunday, October 26, 2008

\/\/l-l4t - 4l\/l - 1 - t4Ll<1l\lG - 4B0ut ?!?

I see other people punya blog very sangat emo, so I feel like emoing.

"I'm emo, you're emo. Let's emo together."

daeds :
"#$%^&**&^%$#$%^ EMO KIDS!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU MORE THAN YOU HATE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!"

"Oh come on! Emo are so in these days."

"OOH YEA!!! UR TElLIn' US!!!! WOOT!!! Opps.... I mean.... gloom gloom gloemommmm...."

Ex: One day somewhere 2 guys sit down saw hot chick passing by then both emo to get attention because thinking it makes them sensitive thus attracting girl but girl walk pass them then they emo someore emoe mome eomemoe emeo eEMo emeo emo... the end.

Meh... bah emo... let's be happy happy joy joy!


So Ean had being telling story of me Ean last happens before after.

So thare's tis thang caled colege ya see? N ths collge dn't gve hmewrk, bt tey be givin' many mny assigments k? Then, I-d to finsh the thang calld assignmnts vry fun Fun lke so much fun, it being lik so much fun ya know? Aprt frm tat, colge not mch happen, I wnt mch happen, must doing thngs happen.

Hari Raya food awesomeness in the humble Sofia's residence jolly good fun. Did I say the food was awesome?
Singin' : "Guitar guitar oh oh woohohoh strumming guitar."
"Guitar citar eatar meatar littar waHaha."
5 stars 10/10 down the melodic strumming. Oh YEAH!!!


Another long ago day...
Jon : "... Eh? What the?!?!!!!?"
Jon continues : "OMGOodNESs!!! JAreD cOMe sIT oveR heRe aND See ThiS!!!"

Jon : "Do you seE it?!?"
Jared : "Oh yeah! OH man Nick you gotta see this!!!"
Nick : "'s just your shadow...zzzZzZZzZzzZZZZZ..."


Not too long before that...


Come on come on everyone let's start Start START the ParTY!!!


Few weeks before today, car broke down in LCCT. Yesterday, I sat down did nothin' in the mids of a very VERY exciting but traumatizing -tahnk GOD noone got hurt- snatch tehft case. WAHAHAH!!!!!!!

4p4rt Fr0M tH4t, n0Th1NG muCH h4pp3N3D!!! G0T n3w EYCH DEEE TAY-VAY!!! 3NJOYiN' mAH PEEYESS3!!! WOW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)
Katrina Anne Van Tassel: Will you take nothing from Sleepy Hollow that was worth the coming here?
Ichabod Crane: No. No, not nothing.
Ichabod Crane: A kiss, from a lovely young woman, before she saw my face or knew my name.
Katrina Anne Van Tassel: Yes, without sense or reason.

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