Friday, September 28, 2007

When I was young...

A long time ago...

*flash back*

I was young. 90% of the time people will get confused about my gender and ask: "Are you a girl of a boy?"

What was it that brought about this confusion?

Was it my clothing? Definitely not.
In school I'd wear a guy school uniform. So no confusion there.
On special occasions such as parties or weddings, I'd wear shirt and long pants. No problem here.
But on non-school, normal days, would my casual 'power ranger' T-shirt and short pants bring about this confusion? If not, then what was it?

Was it my personality? Maybe.
I don't really remember what I was like in the past, especially on my elementary days. As far as I remember, I was just a plain mediocre cheerful young child who just wants to have fun, and was really bad academically. Also, I was mostly shy then, whenever I met someone new, it'd take a while before the ice breaks.

What was it then? Of course, I knew the answer before I even started on this entry.
When I was just a child, I had obvious female features on my face, I got them mostly from my mother. If I took a picture of myself then and photoshop myself a long hair and airbrush me wearing a dress, I would 100% definitely look like a girl.

How did I felt then? Well...

Not sure how I felt when people think I was a girl, but most of the time I just took it as gentle good humour. Was I angry? Perhaps. But nothing worth being mad for a long time.

What about now?
Do people still get confuse about my gender today? Not at all. In the past, my female features overpowered my manly features. Not sure for how long though. I think it was around when I just entered secondary school that my facial hair started to grow, spots and blemishes also came along with it, and I have a relatively flat chest... yup. So the confusion was gone.

Well, today I still have some of the female features on my face, MAINLY my eyes. But since people sees things as a whole and generally are not that analytical, my face now is that of a man! However, I'm not regretting at all about my female features, in fact I'm somewhat proud of it.

So, what is the moral of the story here?
I don't know really. If my story above helped you in anyway at all, then good for you! be continued.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Photos can be uploaded on the photos page. It is a file hosting site. Access it through the 'photos-present and past' tab at the top of the page. I'll figure a way to pass the password to you guys. can't do it here because its too public.

Friday, September 21, 2007


This blog is getting a little uninteresting. And Ean and I are running out of ideas. If you guys have any ideas to add to this blog, for features, and posts and such, chip in and let us know, or better still, do it yourself!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

To every good thing in life... Cheers!

Funny Thai beer ad.

Don't drink till you get drunk!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm coming home.

Just to let you guys know, I'll be touching down in Malaysia on the 7th November. around 9pm Malaysian time.
Looking forward to seeing you guys.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Just an update on my life

Life in Australia is great....obviously. No parents plus the fact that i'm 19, above Australia legal age is a ton of fun *smirk

Well, currently the level of fun have dropped drastically, with the appearance of assignments and such. Its such a deterent to my way of life. E.g. today is a Friday, i'm gonna keep my ass at home and just work on my assignment SIGHHHH

Yeah, but no matter how great or crappy the life in Aus is, really miss all of u guys

names would be too many to write, so i wont bother :P

but u know who u r

yeah won't write much, will just include some pics

as u know a pictures worth a thousand words

so i'll leave a few thousand words, later when i edit this post-i'm now still in Uni

Yeah Ean, let me just correct a few misconceptions abt the Aik quads
*If we were quads, It'd still be the same house, just all the room would be filled.
Well if were on the subject of possibilities, I would like to imagine a possibility of octruplets
pbsm SL(Y) 180 president: Aik Sern
VP: Aik Oui
Secretary: Aik Ean
Treasurer: Aik Wen
Quartermaster: Aik Yen
Discipline officer: Aik Mei
Activity coordinator: Faceless Aik
Public relations: Aik whatever
but then in that future, there may not be a PBSM left today
Haha, thnx for the support guys, ur the greatest team mates a person could have
Sumin, Ean, Sharon, Winnie, Wei wen, Idiot Oui:D (brotherly affection)

What if... the 2nd.. update

'What if... the 2nd' has now been moved to Features section.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

You just gotta love home

As far as most of us can remember, our home has always been Malaysia. This is where our roots are. Our Foundation.

As young lads and lassies, we absorbed the Malaysian culture and it's lifestyle. This was the place where we grew up.
It's where we remember our first scraped knee, the agony.

That first day of school, oh, how we cried (or may have not)!
And your first exams... remember the times when getting 98% or 100% was the norm? Those were the carefree days.

It was here that we first met our first friends. Some whom you may even still be in contact with. Those were the times we played home grown games such as Batu Seremban, and Pepsi Cola.
Or running around playing Ice and Fire.

We ran like little children. Sang like little children. Acted like little children..
We were little children.


Before long, we were children no more. We were teenagers. Young Adults. The hope of the future. Time to get serious...NOT!!

Hormones raging, we eyed that cute guy while giggling, or acted all macho when we see a girl walking by.

We learned cheesy slangs like 'yo!', 'dude', 'wassupp?'.
And also the not so pleasant lingo such as 'f***', 'd***', 'S***' ... you get the gist.

We hung out with our friends. Either at the newest and hippiest mall around,
or eating char kuey teow, indomee and nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves at the local mamak shop or kopitiam.
All these while having the pressures of society weighing down on our shoulders.
Peer pressure and study stress. All part and Parcel of being a teenager.
And all these while, we remain joyful in our homeland.


Now, as we approach adulthood and reminisce on our lives so far, we can really appreciate the wonders of growing up in a place like Malaysia.
Peaceful, warm and bright... except for the yearly haze spells which we have all gotten so used to.
It is the one place we can connect with and identify with.
Our homeland truly has been a blessing.

This is especially dedicated to all Malaysians who are
studying overseas.
We all miss our families and friends we left behind.
We miss the local food, which is cheap yet delectable.
We even miss the weather back home, however hot it may be. Because that is our home.
And we wait till the day term ends, when we can return to see our loved ones again, and be jolly and merry.


To those who are still in Malaysia and wondering what the heck I'm doing praising a hellhole like Malaysia...
well, you won't know until you leave home and live in another country.
Only then can you understand what this is all about.

Also, in conjunction with our recent 50th anniversary of independence,

Malaysia Boleh

It was just another evening...

Sitting in front of my PC, I did not know what to do. In fact, to go through my usual online routine would seemed dull at this moment. I looked through my friendster's home page as part of my routine. That was when I saw a picture, which I then thought to myself : "Maybe I should do something different...".

What did I do you asked? It's simple really, I just sketch out what I saw in that picture.
"I will pass the original piece to you when it's possible."

"Here is my gift to you."

Yup. The title is as it's called by the person in this sketch - emo -
There is only one error about the sketch above, I missed out her earrings...

Well now, back to my routine...

Prince Charming: You! You can't lie! Where is Shrek?
Pinocchio: Well, uh, I don't know where he's not.
Prince Charming: You don't know where Shrek is?
Pinocchio: On the contrary,
Prince Charming: So you do know where he is!
Pinocchio: I'm possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that I undeniably
Prince Charming: Stop it!
Pinocchio: Do or do not know where he shouldn't probably be. If that indeed wasn't where he isn't!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Girl from Canberra meets Guy from Melbourne


Just a few pictures of Aik Sern and I when I visited him in Melbourne. =)

In front of RMIT!!!


Yes, and the food...


Pasta Galore!!

Sern, me and a few of my friends =)

This is called 'sampah masyarakat'

And my favourite pic of all........


I have more which I'll post them up later. =)

Friday, September 7, 2007

What if...

Before I start this entry, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Lim Wei Wen for successfully completing the blog. Then again, it's not entirely whole without the participation of my fellow "co-partners" of the Wu-Liao-Nan-Hai blog. However, it would not be fair if I claim all the limelight. So by this I am hoping there will be postings from others, and comments from all you readers (this includes my fellow seniors and juniors).

I was discussing with Wei Wen about how we could make this blog more interesting. We don't want it to fade through time, so we decide to explore other blogs to get inspired.
Back to today's post, I got this idea from my friend to whom many of you may or may not know, a guy name Lordson Yen, which I got the "What if...".

Now back to the entry, it's more like "the road not taken" kind of post...
What if...

What if Ean decided to join others instead of Red Crescent when he is form 1?

Holding the pencil, Ean was deciding whether or not he should join the Cadets. He was in a dilemma, for he was told that the Cadets barely had any other races other than the Malays themselves. But then again, what other could he join? He decided not to join Scouts long before entering form 1 because of his brother's influence, and heck he didn't even know what is St. John at that time.

It was the point of time when the teacher ask for the society form submission, and desperately he just write down on that form "PBSM". Until today, it's not known why he wrote that. But little did he know what journey lies ahead of him.

  • Well technically, he wouldn't join any uniform bodies if he could. One thing he set his mind then was he didn't like uniform bodies then. If wasn't for En. Gurmit making it so compulsory.
  • He will be fatter then the big sized him today, as his only forms of exercise were limited to 3, marching being one of them. He will be sleeping during the Saturday activities, and playing video games.
  • Many lives will be lost due to the fact he didn't know how to do first aid. He would then just stand around looking delightedly at the wounded.
  • "ahhhh"
  • He will take up smoking, taking drugs, tattoo his body, pierce every possible part of his anatomy, go grant theft auto while assassinating everyone he sees, and end up in jail and get an death sentence immediately after one week because he didn't join PBSM.
  • "hmmm..."
  • One thing for sure, Sumin and Sharon would be the only 2 surviving active member during the period of form 1 and form 2. What would become of them? Frightening...
  • The Aiks twins will be more active and produce more results, because of Ean's absence and adding the presence of more females. This will boost them up quickly.
  • Wei Wen would become......
  • Clement Ting will likely join other uniform bodies, due to Ean was unable to do the 'coin flipping bet' of him joining PBSM.Chee Hoong's face will be even 'stoner'. See Wah will be even more a die hard fan of Miriam.
  • Wouldn't know what could happen to the others I recruited.
  • The younger members then will not know the meaning of fear, the fact that he is not there to scare them.
  • Don't know what will Wei Wen become with Ean not being around.
  • Winnie will have one less pair of ears to sing to. Ean's life would be duller.
  • "Err..."
As each one of us plays a part in each others lives, life would definitely be different if I took the other path that day. There is one thing I can be sure of, my other 6 counter-parts played an important in my living on this earth, on my leaving a legacy. My story wouldn't be the same without the presence of them.
Though from time to time I would wonder what would my "what if" life be... WHAT THE?!? WHAT AM I SAYING?!?

I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Gordon: But you're only one man.
Batman: Now we're two."

"Ean: We are 7."

Stay tune for more future episodes of "What if...".

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Girl in Canberra

haha!! Hey people!!! Life's good in Canberra. Enjoying my very shortlived holiday, then I am off to take another 2 more mid semester exam. A pain in the ass, i know.

updates eh? Well I am still with Lyon, still dancing (been performing for many events, in fact just came back from a club XD), still cheerful, still crying alot, still singing (my housemate has been annoyed) and still me.

Next month, I'll be running for a post in Malaysian Student Organization, either president or vice president and possibly a small role in International Student Department.

So busy busy busy!!! anyway, have fun guys and more updates alright? I think i might update here more than my own blog!!!! *giggles*

Till next time. =D

Love, Winnie.

GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! !

Yes. It is true, the newspaper cutting above shows our Wu-Liao-Nan-Hai blog, fully publicized on Daily WLNH. This proves the popularity of the Wu-Liao-Nan-Hai blog is one that should not be denied attention.

So I say to all of you : "Come one! Come all! Come you from the north! And you from the south! Not neglecting you from the east and west! COME AND YOU MAY SEE......


And just a formality...

THAT'S RIGHT! HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENT! 1..2.. and a 1,2,3,4....

"Sharon it's your birthday! And God bless you this day!
You gave me the gift of a wonderful friend, and I'm proud of you this day!"

"Sharon it's your BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday SHARON!" x2

"I wish you love and goodwill, I wish you peace and joy,
I wish you better than your heart desires, and your first kiss from a boy!"

"Sharon it's your BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday SHARON!" x2


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