Friday, September 14, 2007

Just an update on my life

Life in Australia is great....obviously. No parents plus the fact that i'm 19, above Australia legal age is a ton of fun *smirk

Well, currently the level of fun have dropped drastically, with the appearance of assignments and such. Its such a deterent to my way of life. E.g. today is a Friday, i'm gonna keep my ass at home and just work on my assignment SIGHHHH

Yeah, but no matter how great or crappy the life in Aus is, really miss all of u guys

names would be too many to write, so i wont bother :P

but u know who u r

yeah won't write much, will just include some pics

as u know a pictures worth a thousand words

so i'll leave a few thousand words, later when i edit this post-i'm now still in Uni

Yeah Ean, let me just correct a few misconceptions abt the Aik quads
*If we were quads, It'd still be the same house, just all the room would be filled.
Well if were on the subject of possibilities, I would like to imagine a possibility of octruplets
pbsm SL(Y) 180 president: Aik Sern
VP: Aik Oui
Secretary: Aik Ean
Treasurer: Aik Wen
Quartermaster: Aik Yen
Discipline officer: Aik Mei
Activity coordinator: Faceless Aik
Public relations: Aik whatever
but then in that future, there may not be a PBSM left today
Haha, thnx for the support guys, ur the greatest team mates a person could have
Sumin, Ean, Sharon, Winnie, Wei wen, Idiot Oui:D (brotherly affection)

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