Friday, September 7, 2007

What if...

Before I start this entry, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Lim Wei Wen for successfully completing the blog. Then again, it's not entirely whole without the participation of my fellow "co-partners" of the Wu-Liao-Nan-Hai blog. However, it would not be fair if I claim all the limelight. So by this I am hoping there will be postings from others, and comments from all you readers (this includes my fellow seniors and juniors).

I was discussing with Wei Wen about how we could make this blog more interesting. We don't want it to fade through time, so we decide to explore other blogs to get inspired.
Back to today's post, I got this idea from my friend to whom many of you may or may not know, a guy name Lordson Yen, which I got the "What if...".

Now back to the entry, it's more like "the road not taken" kind of post...
What if...

What if Ean decided to join others instead of Red Crescent when he is form 1?

Holding the pencil, Ean was deciding whether or not he should join the Cadets. He was in a dilemma, for he was told that the Cadets barely had any other races other than the Malays themselves. But then again, what other could he join? He decided not to join Scouts long before entering form 1 because of his brother's influence, and heck he didn't even know what is St. John at that time.

It was the point of time when the teacher ask for the society form submission, and desperately he just write down on that form "PBSM". Until today, it's not known why he wrote that. But little did he know what journey lies ahead of him.

  • Well technically, he wouldn't join any uniform bodies if he could. One thing he set his mind then was he didn't like uniform bodies then. If wasn't for En. Gurmit making it so compulsory.
  • He will be fatter then the big sized him today, as his only forms of exercise were limited to 3, marching being one of them. He will be sleeping during the Saturday activities, and playing video games.
  • Many lives will be lost due to the fact he didn't know how to do first aid. He would then just stand around looking delightedly at the wounded.
  • "ahhhh"
  • He will take up smoking, taking drugs, tattoo his body, pierce every possible part of his anatomy, go grant theft auto while assassinating everyone he sees, and end up in jail and get an death sentence immediately after one week because he didn't join PBSM.
  • "hmmm..."
  • One thing for sure, Sumin and Sharon would be the only 2 surviving active member during the period of form 1 and form 2. What would become of them? Frightening...
  • The Aiks twins will be more active and produce more results, because of Ean's absence and adding the presence of more females. This will boost them up quickly.
  • Wei Wen would become......
  • Clement Ting will likely join other uniform bodies, due to Ean was unable to do the 'coin flipping bet' of him joining PBSM.Chee Hoong's face will be even 'stoner'. See Wah will be even more a die hard fan of Miriam.
  • Wouldn't know what could happen to the others I recruited.
  • The younger members then will not know the meaning of fear, the fact that he is not there to scare them.
  • Don't know what will Wei Wen become with Ean not being around.
  • Winnie will have one less pair of ears to sing to. Ean's life would be duller.
  • "Err..."
As each one of us plays a part in each others lives, life would definitely be different if I took the other path that day. There is one thing I can be sure of, my other 6 counter-parts played an important in my living on this earth, on my leaving a legacy. My story wouldn't be the same without the presence of them.
Though from time to time I would wonder what would my "what if" life be... WHAT THE?!? WHAT AM I SAYING?!?

I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Gordon: But you're only one man.
Batman: Now we're two."

"Ean: We are 7."

Stay tune for more future episodes of "What if...".

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