Sunday, September 9, 2007

You just gotta love home

As far as most of us can remember, our home has always been Malaysia. This is where our roots are. Our Foundation.

As young lads and lassies, we absorbed the Malaysian culture and it's lifestyle. This was the place where we grew up.
It's where we remember our first scraped knee, the agony.

That first day of school, oh, how we cried (or may have not)!
And your first exams... remember the times when getting 98% or 100% was the norm? Those were the carefree days.

It was here that we first met our first friends. Some whom you may even still be in contact with. Those were the times we played home grown games such as Batu Seremban, and Pepsi Cola.
Or running around playing Ice and Fire.

We ran like little children. Sang like little children. Acted like little children..
We were little children.


Before long, we were children no more. We were teenagers. Young Adults. The hope of the future. Time to get serious...NOT!!

Hormones raging, we eyed that cute guy while giggling, or acted all macho when we see a girl walking by.

We learned cheesy slangs like 'yo!', 'dude', 'wassupp?'.
And also the not so pleasant lingo such as 'f***', 'd***', 'S***' ... you get the gist.

We hung out with our friends. Either at the newest and hippiest mall around,
or eating char kuey teow, indomee and nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves at the local mamak shop or kopitiam.
All these while having the pressures of society weighing down on our shoulders.
Peer pressure and study stress. All part and Parcel of being a teenager.
And all these while, we remain joyful in our homeland.


Now, as we approach adulthood and reminisce on our lives so far, we can really appreciate the wonders of growing up in a place like Malaysia.
Peaceful, warm and bright... except for the yearly haze spells which we have all gotten so used to.
It is the one place we can connect with and identify with.
Our homeland truly has been a blessing.

This is especially dedicated to all Malaysians who are
studying overseas.
We all miss our families and friends we left behind.
We miss the local food, which is cheap yet delectable.
We even miss the weather back home, however hot it may be. Because that is our home.
And we wait till the day term ends, when we can return to see our loved ones again, and be jolly and merry.


To those who are still in Malaysia and wondering what the heck I'm doing praising a hellhole like Malaysia...
well, you won't know until you leave home and live in another country.
Only then can you understand what this is all about.

Also, in conjunction with our recent 50th anniversary of independence,

Malaysia Boleh

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