Friday, September 28, 2007

When I was young...

A long time ago...

*flash back*

I was young. 90% of the time people will get confused about my gender and ask: "Are you a girl of a boy?"

What was it that brought about this confusion?

Was it my clothing? Definitely not.
In school I'd wear a guy school uniform. So no confusion there.
On special occasions such as parties or weddings, I'd wear shirt and long pants. No problem here.
But on non-school, normal days, would my casual 'power ranger' T-shirt and short pants bring about this confusion? If not, then what was it?

Was it my personality? Maybe.
I don't really remember what I was like in the past, especially on my elementary days. As far as I remember, I was just a plain mediocre cheerful young child who just wants to have fun, and was really bad academically. Also, I was mostly shy then, whenever I met someone new, it'd take a while before the ice breaks.

What was it then? Of course, I knew the answer before I even started on this entry.
When I was just a child, I had obvious female features on my face, I got them mostly from my mother. If I took a picture of myself then and photoshop myself a long hair and airbrush me wearing a dress, I would 100% definitely look like a girl.

How did I felt then? Well...

Not sure how I felt when people think I was a girl, but most of the time I just took it as gentle good humour. Was I angry? Perhaps. But nothing worth being mad for a long time.

What about now?
Do people still get confuse about my gender today? Not at all. In the past, my female features overpowered my manly features. Not sure for how long though. I think it was around when I just entered secondary school that my facial hair started to grow, spots and blemishes also came along with it, and I have a relatively flat chest... yup. So the confusion was gone.

Well, today I still have some of the female features on my face, MAINLY my eyes. But since people sees things as a whole and generally are not that analytical, my face now is that of a man! However, I'm not regretting at all about my female features, in fact I'm somewhat proud of it.

So, what is the moral of the story here?
I don't know really. If my story above helped you in anyway at all, then good for you! be continued.

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