Thursday, September 6, 2007

GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! !

Yes. It is true, the newspaper cutting above shows our Wu-Liao-Nan-Hai blog, fully publicized on Daily WLNH. This proves the popularity of the Wu-Liao-Nan-Hai blog is one that should not be denied attention.

So I say to all of you : "Come one! Come all! Come you from the north! And you from the south! Not neglecting you from the east and west! COME AND YOU MAY SEE......


And just a formality...

THAT'S RIGHT! HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENT! 1..2.. and a 1,2,3,4....

"Sharon it's your birthday! And God bless you this day!
You gave me the gift of a wonderful friend, and I'm proud of you this day!"

"Sharon it's your BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday SHARON!" x2

"I wish you love and goodwill, I wish you peace and joy,
I wish you better than your heart desires, and your first kiss from a boy!"

"Sharon it's your BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday SHARON!" x2

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