Sunday, September 9, 2007

It was just another evening...

Sitting in front of my PC, I did not know what to do. In fact, to go through my usual online routine would seemed dull at this moment. I looked through my friendster's home page as part of my routine. That was when I saw a picture, which I then thought to myself : "Maybe I should do something different...".

What did I do you asked? It's simple really, I just sketch out what I saw in that picture.
"I will pass the original piece to you when it's possible."

"Here is my gift to you."

Yup. The title is as it's called by the person in this sketch - emo -
There is only one error about the sketch above, I missed out her earrings...

Well now, back to my routine...

Prince Charming: You! You can't lie! Where is Shrek?
Pinocchio: Well, uh, I don't know where he's not.
Prince Charming: You don't know where Shrek is?
Pinocchio: On the contrary,
Prince Charming: So you do know where he is!
Pinocchio: I'm possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that I undeniably
Prince Charming: Stop it!
Pinocchio: Do or do not know where he shouldn't probably be. If that indeed wasn't where he isn't!

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weiwen said...

that's my favorite part of Shrek 3!


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