Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Girl in Canberra

haha!! Hey people!!! Life's good in Canberra. Enjoying my very shortlived holiday, then I am off to take another 2 more mid semester exam. A pain in the ass, i know.

updates eh? Well I am still with Lyon, still dancing (been performing for many events, in fact just came back from a club XD), still cheerful, still crying alot, still singing (my housemate has been annoyed) and still me.

Next month, I'll be running for a post in Malaysian Student Organization, either president or vice president and possibly a small role in International Student Department.

So busy busy busy!!! anyway, have fun guys and more updates alright? I think i might update here more than my own blog!!!! *giggles*

Till next time. =D

Love, Winnie.

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weiwen said...

Hi five! I'm also having 2 tests after 2 weeks of holiday. Glad to hear form you. You really have been missing in action. Haven't seen ya online for ages now. Good job with your Malaysian/ international group activities thing. Keep up the good work!

Anyway, You are required to write a short description of Ean for the profile page. See the profile page for examples. You can't edit that page but just send the description to my Hotmail address. Also, please include your course of study in that mail. Thanks alot! cheers!

p.s. Did you get my birthday wish on messenger?


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