Friday, January 2, 2009

It was wonderfully made...

He said to me:
"Goodbye 2008, you sucked!
I hope this year will be better than last year.

He complained to others:
"Man! You don't know how crappy the year was for me.
Glad it is over."

I ignored those comments,
and resists the urge to shut him up.
Because, we're enjoying after all,
and we want to pass the year joyfully.

"I mean, I broke up with my girlfriend.
Was sulking for quite awhile, the pain was unbearable.
I couldn't focus on my studies and my life was a mess!

You're single right, Ean?
You can't possibly understand this pain I am going through.
How do you see the past year?"

Honestly, I wished he hadn't said that.

For when he took those words out of his mouth
is when I just had to reply:

"Well, not exactly. I did go through a breakup.
And it was the single most painful experience I have ever felt in my life.
I cried out louder than I have ever had.
My tears dropped more than it ever did.
It was harder for me to sleep than before.
My life was messier than I ever thought it could be.

As I took more steps in this journey called life,
I was angry
and questioned God for the things that happened the way they did."

He stood there in awe at my sudden outburst of words,
and in disbelief he asked:
"Since when did you have a girlfriend?"

"A girlfriend I had not." I answered.

"For it was my mother that I had a breakup with.
One day, God called her to be with Him,
and my mother in her weak image,
went away.

But I got slapped in the face one day,

when I realised I have been selfish all this while.

Now I look back,

and am glad it happened the way it happened.

Embracing the blessed hope,
I realised all perseverance in suffering has brought me to maturity

So you wanna know how I see the past year?
I see it as wonderfully made."

Ok. Tq.
God Bless.


Anonymous said...

it was really thought provoking ean, i really sincerely admire what you can go through that most couldn't with the way you do, and i hope it doesnt give you the paranoia of being too attached to certain people, and along the way, im very sure God will send you an angel that will always be with you, a well written post ean :)

Apple said...

thank u ean.


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