Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wei Wen's Birthday Surprise!

Hehe! At 11pm on the 2nd of December 2007, We bunch of sneaky children creeped at neighbouring houses, in hopes that Wei Wen did not suspect anything, and that Auntie Lim did not accidentally blurt out our plans. But she is a gem! Thanks Auntie for your help! ^^

Poser pictures and funny antics were of abundance before we charged into Wei Wen's house, i.e as follows:

In this case, Ean's car is the model and Aik Bros are the props. =P

The cake's so cute!

Oh yeah, poserssss!!!

Dang Aik Oui got alot of airtime (or rather cameratime), just because he was holding the cake. heh.

Then we called to correspond with Auntie Lim, then found out she was about to sleep! She thought that our surprise was tomorrow. Anyway, we waited for Wei Li to pretend to throw the rubbish, therefore had a chance to open the gates for us to 'raid' the house. And we tiptoed to his computer room, opened the door and there he was, sitting, meddling with his laptop, then looked at us, surprised. Not Winnie's 'OMGOSHHHH *shrieks* OMGOSHHHHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT drama queen' surprised reaction but his signature dumbfounded speechless kind. So it was a success on our part! yay~~!!


Big boy liao! Mannn adi!

We had a little heart to heart talk and catching up, just like the old days. It was really a nice reunion. Too bad Sharon wasn't there. =(

Last but not least...

A lovely group pic.

(I purposely chose the one where Wei Wen hid his face, due to his 'I don't like to pose' preference. Lol)


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