Saturday, October 6, 2007


Who knew that Australia could flood too...Haizzzz Even more unbelievable, who knew an apartment on the 20th floor, so ******* high could also flood too. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

It was a Friday night, Aik Sern playing the role of a hot nerd(good looking nerd) carried books up to his apartment. He had just rejected his friends invitation to club, he decided that the best way to deal with the upcoming exams was a locked door and pile of books. He had to seriously increase his brain capacity if he was to even stand a chance at acing the exam.

A hot Italian restaurants and the company of 3 girls and one guy later Aik Sern sat contented in his chair rubbing his one-pac muscle. :D . btw first girl: Naomi, second girl: Ashley Third girl Aik Oui. A friend called, another invitation to club, unlike the first one this clubbing had a valid reason, a birthday celebration (one of the many celebrations which was gonna take place this week) In addition to the valid reason there was a reason of significant importance, this night's clubbing was compliments of the birthday girl, Drinks, entrance, alcohol...everything on the rich bitch. ^^ However steadfast Aik Sern still did not give in to the temptation but then she called on bonds of friendship, it was afterall her birthday party. Aik Sern went clubbing.

Half a bottle of Chivas regal later and after various acts of drunken stupidity, stumbling back to the apartment seemed like a good idea. Saying goodbye to a couple of Hot chicks and not-so-hot chicks and guys of course and then spending the time in the taxi discussing various girl problems with the birthday girl -she's lesbian so that gives us a common topic of discussion- Upon reaching home half drunk Aik Sern dragged his sorry ass up to his apartment. He USED THE TOILET and promptly fell asleep.

The morning was a beautiful morning, one of those days sent by god where although the sun was bright it wasn't that hot. To top off the great morning, Aik Sern woke up early, even after a hard night of partying. Alert and awake, he jumped out of bed ready to tackle various assignments, "splash" the sound of Aik Sern's feet hitting the floor...Floor...FLOOR WTFFF the whole bedroom was awash with water, at least 2 inches of water covered the floor, and all the books and files pushed onto the floor yesterdayyyyyyyyyy AAAAAAA

When the toilet flush button was pushed, it came up again, however the water kept running. There was no hole in the toilet floor (no BLOODY proper drainage system), the water ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran for 6 hrs. The toilet bowl was also blocked due to the "Environmentally friendly toilets" where the flush uses only a little bit of water, not sufficient enough to effectively flush everything down.

Carrying furniture and shriveling under the accusatory eyes if the building manager, a very depressed Aik Sern, with his whole day ruined and his assignment schedule ruined and his study areas awash with sewage.

Currently typing this article, while the carpet cleaners clean and the blowers dry the carpet, with furniture stacked around him.

What a wonderful night, what a great morning, what a FUCKED up day

The 6th of October

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