Tuesday, October 2, 2007

McDonalds' Ramadan Buffet

Today, 'twas my first time trying out a McDonald buffet.

"Is there such thing?", this was the question asked by many of my friends when I told them about it.

Apparently, this is the 3rd year since it began, as according to Daryl Heng. Why didn't I know about it before?

The conditions of the buffet are:

  • Happens only on Ramadan, hence the name Ramadan Buffet.
  • Only selected outlets have such feature.
  • RM25 per person, tax included.
  • Starts 6:30pm, ends 8:30pm.
  • The cheaper meals - unlimited takings.
  • The more expensive meals - once only.
  • Leftovers will be charged (or so they said).
What did I do:
  • I went to McDonald, Mutiara Damansara, with Gary, Daryl and Calvin.
  • There was hardly any parking, but found one in no time.
  • The place was quite packed, but many overlooked the empty space at the back of play area.
  • Gary, Daryl, and I simply spammed out orders.
  • We ordered a total of 3 Fish Foldover, 2 Double Cheese Burger, 2 McChicken, 2 Fillet o'Fish, 2 fried chicken, 6 small packets of fries, 13 packets of chicken nuggets, 5 sundaes, 6 apple pies, 6 cups of coke, and anything else I may or may not remember.
  • Couldn't finish all of them, so we forced Calvin to have some since he didn't get the buffet meal. But even with him we still couldn't finish.
  • Afraid that we might be charged for leftovers, and since we can't just take it away, we threw the leftovers in a bin.
  • Weird thing is that the place was guarded well enough, but they overlooked the back area. People tend to exploit the buffet.
  • At the end, we couldn't finish about 1 and a half Fillet o'Fish, Half a McChicken, 3 packets worth of fries and some other small and minor stuff.
My comments:
  • When it comes to buffet, I always have a policy that I must eat 3 times worth the original price. At the very least, 2 times worth. I felt like I only ate 1 1/2 times worth. Not sure about the others though.
  • Somehow, I felt that McDonald having a buffet wasn't a wise idea for us consumers, even if you are a big-crazy-mega-huge eater. McDonald is on the winning side most of the time.
  • In terms of buffet, fast food business can't compare to those of the genuine buffet style. Fast foods are meant to be eaten fast. With it's contents, they are able to make you full with one set meal. What more a buffet? Imagine the amount of calories consumed. I had trouble consuming my second burger after my first, especially when including other side dishes like fries and nuggets, desserts, and soft drinks.
  • If I remember well, I ate 1 Fish Foldover, about 4 packets of nuggets, 1 fried chicken, half a McChicken, 1 apple pie, and 2 cups of coke. The others ate more than me.
My verdict:
  • I don't recommend it.
  • But if you wish to try it out at least once in your whole entire life, go ahead.
  • However, bring some friends along, so that you can challenge each other on a eating contest

"Pala pa pa pa... I'm lovin' it..."

...well not really.

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