Saturday, February 16, 2008

about time to write something at least...

Yea.. kinda bored, so decided to post something,

So. kowtow to all juniors. congrats with the third place.. again. Keep up the good work!

Right. So, an update on my happenings. Work. Eat. Computer. Sleep. BORING!

Working at burger kings, and i really am starting to get sick of their food. Not to mention the effects on your overall health.. Think 'Super Size Me'. Money's pretty good though. And the work is good and quite hectic. Especially on Rugby days. The stadium is a stone's throw away from the restaurant. Just down the road. And the rugby crowd would stop by for dinner before the game starts.. I easily made 200 burgers in that hour alone.

Life is quite mundane over here. Not many people, but more and more coming back as uni opening gets nearer. Spent Chinese New Year sleeping. And watching movies and tv series from the computer. Missing home.. and the Ang Pows.

So with life so boring, I got thinking on what i wanna do when I get back. I was thinking maybe you guys wanna stretch you r creativity a little and Record the entire Dui mian de nu hai can guo lai song into a music track. complete with background vocals and music. What say you guys? Ours summer project? I'll try to learn up on some audio editing software and I already have microphones back home. we have plenty of guitars to go around for sure. If we cant get hold of real drums, I have this programmable musical keyboard that connects to the computer. Voila, there you have it! If compiling the song takes less effort than expected, how bout a music video? And if you guys are interested, we can do other songs for fun. Think about it, we could become famous!

Thats bout it. I'm no camwhore, so I have absolutely zero pictures. Nil. Nada. Zilch. never took any since I got here. Bla.. bla.. bla... really bored.. trying to find something to say... Nah.. thats bout it. Cheers!

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