Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Drama Class

My class was divided into 2 groups, namely E1 and E2 (E1 being the morning class while E2 is the afternoon class). I was in E1.

Since I was pretty much occupied during the E1 session (busy with my own group and all that), I couldn't find time to take pictures of the dramas in E1. I have however all the time I need to take pictures in E2, since I'm not involve in any drama within E2.

Here we go:

Class E1.
Lindsay Longan (Jol Wee) seducing Billy Gates (Ben)

Class E1.
Title: If your most trusted partner betrays you......

With our main characters:
Jon (Jon) and Jane (Wai Kwan)

Class E1.
Title: If..... (I don't remember)
(L to R) First Mate (Ahmed), Captain (Esa) and Voodoo Master (Afeno)

Class E2.
Title: If... (I forgot)
But everyone dies at the end (well.... 2 died, I'm not sure about the other 2)

Class E2.
Title: If......(I don't know exactly, but it got something to do with extreme obsession)

Class E2.
Title: If... ( Hmmmm....) This one is sad, everyone character died at the end (no sequel for sure).

Class E2.
Title: If your day repeats over and over again... (something like that)
(L to R) Main character (Shin Mei), brother of the main character (Nicholas), best friend of main character (Yen Shing).

Class E2.
Title: If... (I forgot... again...) However, this one is interesting, with storyline and visual effects that are stunning. The actor/actresses were great too, especially Priscilla.

That was the 2nd drama assignment, The Magic 'IF'.

Our 3rd drama assignment, here we go:

Class E2.
We start of with the only group that got an 'A'


Class E2
Father Warren's (Stanley) outfit was amazing

But Father Warren died (MUAHAHAHAHAH)
Killed by Cecilia (Estrella), our main character out of righteous vengeance.

Class E2. We have here the alternate version of Mission Impossible...
This one had a interesting way of presenting its characters.

Class E2. Now this one had a theme of Kings and Mage/Witch, Royalty and Peasants (similar to those in Medieval times), but they did it in a modern context. A modern medieval if you may.

Priscilla played the witch/mage

Kar played the King.


It's sad I couldn't take more pictures in E1, but I'm sure others have more pictures of E1 than I have.
Jared should have most of the video clips of our drama, while Wai Kwan have more photos of E1.


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